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Almost Famous

May 29, 2014

Guys I am Business News Network famous. Ok, not really, but that’s me in the background during the first twenty seconds of this story on my company!

This is right up there with my cameo in The Recruit. I’m one of the background boxers in the scene at the boxing gym in the first few minutes of the movie. Unfortunately I am kind of behind the heavy bag, so every time Colin Farrell punches it, I disappear from the shot. It’s very much a “there she is…there she is…” moment.  That being said, I can still say I was in a movie with Colin Farrell and there’s nothing wrong with that!

What about you? Have you had any brushes with “fame”?

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  1. Sweet! Very cool! I’ve been in a bunch of low budget movies, and as a TV producer I get to occasionally meet some celebs. It’d be fun to be in a Big movie though. Thinking back, I was an extra in Any Given Sunday, but I never watched it, haha.

    • That is one of my secret guilty pleasure movies! And nothing better than a so bad it’s good low budget flick 🙂

      • Ha, well if you are bored – look up Evidence of a Haunting and Alien Zombie Invasion. The fist one I’m the Catholic Priest, the second I’m a douche (but I have the same girlfriend as the first movie). Disclaimer – I was only an actor, I did not produce, write, edit, direct any of it! 🙂

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