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Good Day

May 31, 2014

Today was a good day. It was one of those days filled with ordinary moments that added up to a whole heap of happy.

  • Long, slow (no, really!) run on the boardwalk while the sun came up over the lake
  • Went to Starbucks for my first iced skinny vanilla latte of the year
  • Rambled around the ‘hood with Riley
  • Worked on a presentation out on the front porch while Riley sunned himself and one of my step-daughters coloured our steps with sidewalk chalk
  • Ate exactly one (sadly small) serving of Chicago Mix popcorn
  • Managed to walk away from the rest of the bag of Chicago Mix popcorn (although it’s still calling my name)
  • Finally mastered the art of posting during my riding lesson while on the incomparable Fergus
  • Cooked up a perfect medium rare steak with baked sweet potato and a big salad for dinner
  • Had a couple of “stolen moments” with Ian and exchanged some cute texts

I have a rare weekend evening to myself tonight with Ian and the girls off at a play. Currently toying with the idea of grabbing Riley again and walking over to the ice cream parlour before settling in for a night of binge watching Fringe. Hope your Saturday has you in your happy place too!

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  1. Sounds productive and fun! Keep it up!

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