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Taste of Paradise

June 8, 2014

And I’m back.

We were so far north there was no internet access. I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be completely unplugged. Not the pretend unplugged when you just ignore your devices – the real, forced unplugged. My phone was useless for anything other than its camera and it was GLORIOUS.

We had such a great time. Yasmin pretty much lived in the lake, Riley ran around the woods and beach non-stop and Ian and I just relaxed and took it all in. So many highlights…roasting marshmallows over the post-dinner bonfire, talking nonsense over big ass burgers at lunch, watching Frozen in the camp movie theatre and being gifted with a mosquito net to sleep under at night. Thank god for that net too because I would have been eaten alive. The woods in June are awesome but the mosquitos are brutal.

Some pics from the weekend:



We somehow wrestled Riley into one of those canoes and out onto the lake.


Doesn’t get more tranquil than this


Cartwheels on the beach


My absolute fav pic! A girl and her (very patient) dog.


Back to reality tomorrow. No more trips scheduled until Bluesfest in July so these memories (and mosquito bites) will need to last me for a month!

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  1. Awwww!!! I love your pictures!! XOXO!! Happy Monday!

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