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Upper Body Circuit

June 11, 2014

Oh man, did I have a killer workout this morning.  My laptop died the other day, and with it, my new workout plans <sad trombone>.  I whipped this one together late last night so it wasn’t as well planned out as usual, but it definitely did the trick. I had that bad ass feeling when I left the gym which is a totally different high than the running version. Anyway, try this one out if you want a good weight based sweat session.

Upper Body Torture

Perform each circuit three times with declining rep counts in each circuit (I did 20, 17, 15). No rest between exercises. 30-60 seconds rest between circuits. When you are finished all the circuits, try going back to the start and completing one set for all three circuits without any rest.

Circuit 1

  • Chest flies w/ cable
  • Lat pull-down
  • Front raises w/ dumbbell
  • Hammer curls

Circuit 2

  • Incline flies w/ dumbbell
  • Seated cable row
  • Lateral raises w/ dumbbell

Circuit 3

  • Decline press w/ dumbbell
  • Back extension w/ weighted plate
  • Military press
  • Rope pull downs

My arms were shaking and had a good pump by the end of this one. Not something I would do very often, but definitely a good shock to the system!

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One Comment
  1. Nice workout!!!! I love incline flies and hammer curls!!

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