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To Be A Kid Again

June 20, 2014

What a fantastical day.

Ian and I both booked the day off and went to Canada’s Wonderland for a few hours of roller coasters and junk food. Pro-tip: if you’re going to an amusement park, go during the week before school lets out and get there right when it opens. We left mid-afternoon when it started getting busy, but in the meantime we didn’t wait longer than twenty minutes for any of the rides. Vast improvement from the two and three hour wait times I remembered from the last time I was there a few years ago.

I will say this: the two new(er) coasters, Leviathan and Behemoth, are INTENSE. From the description on the website for Leviathan:

  • Riders will be dropped from 306 feet (93.27M) at an 80 degree angle; travelling over 5486 feet (1672.1M) of track at speeds reaching 148km/hour.

And Behemoth:

  • Reaches speeds of 125km/hour in 3.9 seconds when it drops riders back to Earth at a 75 degree angle.
  • Trains traverse 5318 feet (1606M) of track taking riders over 4 massive airtime hills, a 180 degree hairpin turn, and 2 helixes.

Needless to say, they were a little nuts. As Ian said at one point, “I feel a wee bit wibbly.”  Yes, that’s a made up word and yes, that’s the only possible way to describe how we were both feeling.

Luckily there were nachos, hot dogs (no bun in a tip of the hat to “health”) and Coke Zero (because, calories – HA!) to restore us. Oh and an epic 90 minute nap when we got home. Once we managed to drag ourselves out of bed it was time to indulge in a sushi dinner and ice cream. I’m happy as can be but also crashing after all that sugar and kinda bloated. Definitely looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning. Being a kid for a day is fun, but holy crap, it’s terrible for your system and so exhausting!






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