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Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

June 22, 2014

We have a family of raccoons living in the second floor balcony of the house next to us. The babies cry all night and half the day which is especially annoying since that balcony is pretty much right beside our bedroom window. Riley has taken to pacing ON THE BED in the middle of the night even when the window is closed. He knows there are critters out there and he’d like nothing more than to make friends (or food) of them.

Our sleeps have not been the greatest thanks to our new neighbours, but I have to say they’re pretty cute. The mother picked quite possibly the worst “hiding” spot ever. We can literally look directly into the nest and it’s so small the tails of the babies hang outside. I have a feeling our human neighbours have gotten sick of them though because it’s been oddly quiet for the past few hours and, last time I checked, no raccoon bums were hanging in the air. Hopefully they’ve either moved somewhere bigger or were humanely trapped and  relocated somewhere a little more appropriate.

Speaking of new neighbours, Ian and I will have some in the next few weeks. We have successfully landed a new apartment after a stressful couple of weeks of apartment hunting. I’m sad to be leaving our current place which has been my home for about five years. It was really the first place I put down “roots”, but once Ian and Riley moved in, and the kids started staying over, it quickly became apparent that this apartment is too small for a family.  It was time to find somewhere that would be home for all of us and we have definitely done that. We’re so happy with the space and can’t wait to move in and make it our own.

It just struck me that we’re in pretty much the same situation as the raccoon family. Irony!

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