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Ottawa Update

July 12, 2014

Nearing the end of my annual Bluesfest trip and finally have a chance to blog. It’s funny how busy you can get when you’re trying to relax.


My favorite moment by far has been seeing Slash in concert. I’m not a huge Guns n Roses fan, but wow. Slash and The Conspirators completely blew the roof off that open air festival. Their original songs were hard rockin’ and showcased Slash’s skills and the few GnR songs they performed didn’t suffer for lack of Axl Rose. In fact I’d say they were better. The crowd ate these guys up.

One of the things I love about music festivals is discovering new bands. I had that “holy crap” moment with a band called Paper Kites from Australia. The lead vocalist sounds like the singer from the Cranberries and they have just the right mix of folk/rock to make me swoon. A little awkward on stage but it was an endearing quality. Planning on downloading some of their stuff when I get home.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Sunny and mid twenties all week and cooling down at night so it’s easy to sleep. You couldn’t order up better festival weather.

Unlike previous years, we haven’t all dived off the clean eating bandwagon. It’s been a healthy week with just a couple of indulgences. I even managed to find a decent salad at Bluesfest yesterday amongst the poutine, burgers and other deep fried options. It will be a nice change to finish the week not feeling the need for a food detox.

I spent yesterday morning lounging in the sun and reading a book. We had nothing on the agenda and it was glorious. Threw on my bikini, grabbed a coffee and put a big dent in one of those great pulp novels you only read on vacation.

Lesser Lights

An hour after landing, I was on my way to a dentist after the temporary crown from my root canal broke. Not the best start to the trip but at least the fun has gone up from there!

I miss Ian and Riley. I’m having a blast of course, but every now and then something will happen and I’ll want to turn to Ian and comment and of course he’s not there. Looking forward to his arrival tomorrow for the final day of Bluesfest and our road trip home on Monday.

So that’s it so far! Have a pool party/bbq this afternoon and need to prepare some food. Thinking chicken, sweet pepper and pineapple skewers and just maybe some of that bacon guacamole I mentioned last post. Delicious!

Happy Saturday! Hope your week has been treating you well even if you’re not on vacation!

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