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October 19, 2014

Another half marathon in the books!

Today was a perfect running day. Cold in the corrals, but the sun was out, and once the race got started, it didn’t take long to warm up. Going in, I just wanted to match my time from May (1:50) or maybe beat it by a minute. Well as it turns out I beat it by almost four minutes, coming in at 1:46 and ranking in the top 7% of women overall!!

And Ian absolutely killed it. He ran his first ever half marathon today (for real – he never went over 20K in training) and came in at 1:45. Yes, he beat me. And yes, I am so proud of him! Three years ago, Ian didn’t only NOT run, he avoided exercise like the plague. Now he’s running a half and taking a picture like the one below looking like he barely broke a sweat.

We celebrated with the “official” best burger in Toronto at Parts & Labour. Seriously – this restaurant won the Burger Wars or some such show.

And that’s it for racing in 2014. Figure I’ll give it a week or two before planning out 2015. 🙂



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  2. Awesome! Congrats!!!

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