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New Work-outs for the November Blahs

November 9, 2014

Why does my birthday month have to so grey and rainy? WHY?!

I can’t believe we’re already back to the days when it’s tempting to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over rather than head out to the gym in the cold and dark. Lately I’ve found that the best way to combat the pull of the bed is to keep my workouts as interesting and varied as possible. I’m trying a lot of new circuits and moving between bodyweight and weighted exercises as much as possible. I’ve also started transitioning from outdoor running to inside and, because I hate the treadmill, I’m doing more HIIT to make up for the shorter runs.

On that note, I thought I’d share two of the new circuits I’ve tried recently. I follow Fitness RX for Women on Twitter and have been impressed with some of the exercise and food links they’ve been posting. I spent some time on their site this week and pulled these two workouts from there. Try if you dare!

The Diamond Challenge
I followed the rounds and reps as prescribed until I got to the 5 rep round. Instead of going directly back to 20 reps, I laddered back up so I did another round of 5, then 10, 15 and 20.

It was a good circuit, but I didn’t feel “done”, so I whipped up another circuit following the same pattern. This one used a 12lb body bar.

  • stiff leg dead lift
  • deep squat with overhead press
  • standing calf raise with chest level row

Still wasn’t completely done and my legs were feeling kind of tight. Finished the workout with a ten minute walk on the treadmill at a level 12 incline.

Next up…

The Pyramid Workout
I completed the circuit exactly as prescribed. This one was harder than I thought it would be, although near the end I probably could have gone up in weight for the swings just to keep pushing it.

Much like after the Diamond workout, it felt like I still had more in the tank, so I decided to torture my core. Again, I followed the same rounds/reps as the original circuit.

  • Captain’s Chair leg raises
  • Alternating leg tucks hanging off a bench
  • Plank kick-outs

After that circuit was done I felt like puking so I figured it was time to go home.

So there you have it! While I wouldn’t make either of these a weekly staple, they were fun and challenged me in a different way. I’ll probably end up doing them once or twice a month just to see how (or if!) my time improves.


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  1. Awesome workouts!! Fabulous!! Have a lovely week!! XOXO

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