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2014 Check In

November 30, 2014

Wow. Since abandoning my resolution to blog everyday (partially due to my home laptop just ceasing to turn on one day and partially due to my own laziness), I have been horrible at updating on a regular basis.  Not that I think anyone out there is waiting with bated breath for my next post, but I do feel a bit bad about being so neglectful.

Now that we’re only four short weeks from the end of the year, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit my 2014 bucket list and see how I’ve done.

  • Sign up for four running events.

DONE! Not only that, two of them were half marathons.

  • Take horse riding lessons.

DONE! This was my favourite resolution. I had so much fun during that eight week course.

  • Get over myself and my fear of water by taking swimming lessons.

What am I? A crazy person? Sigh. Obviously didn’t get to this one. I did sign up (twice) but never made it into the pool. Rolling it over to 2015.

  • Tour PEI by bike

Disappointed this didn’t get done, but it was for a good reason. Ian and I are actually doing this on our honeymoon which we had originally planned for September this year. However, due to some extenuating circumstances, the wedding was postponed until May 2015. Another roll over, but one I’m looking forward to!

  • Sign up for a Tough Mudder

Yeah, no. They have water obstacles (who knew?!). Of course you can go around them, but then you haven’t really completed the course, have you? Once the swimming lessons are in the book, the Tough Mudder is next.

Well damn, I did not cross as much off my bucket list as I had hoped this year! That said, it was a great year for accomplishments and mini adventures. Had so much fun on a myriad of day and weekend road trips, escapes to my friends in Ottawa, wedding planning etc. Not to mention getting the first year at my (no longer) new company, FreshBooks, under my belt. And who knows what the next four weeks will bring? I wonder if I can find some last minute swimming lessons somewhere…

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